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Below you can find the three types of quiz that we currently offer: Our main pub quiz format from Quiz Labs featuring 4 rounds of 10 questions with various topics week-to-week, the Kudos Quizzes format with 6 rounds of 8 questions and the Kudos Themed Quizzes focussing on topics such as movies, hallowe’en and Christmas.

  • Kudos Classic Quizzes

    Kudos Classic Quizzes (51)

    The new home for Kudos Pub Quizzes. This website has been running for 15 years and recently became a sister company to Quiz Labs. We will continue to bring you the weekly quiz format of 6 rounds of 8 questions with the same categories you have come to love – but here on their new home.

    If you had credits from Kudos, please get in contact with us. We will happily credit them to your account here:

  • Kudos Classic Themed Rounds

    Kudos Classic Themed Rounds (12)

    Themed quizzes from the Kudos back catalogue and more! Test your quiz knowledge on rounds covering movies and music from the 80’s and 90’s, Halloween, Valentines day and of course our annual round up of the year’s news.

  • Quiz Labs Pub Quizzes

    Quiz Labs Pub Quizzes (13)

    Our take on the pub quiz format. 4 rounds of 10 questions for 4 pounds. These are updated every week and once purchased will sit in your account for unlimited re-downloads.

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