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Our Story

The team at Quiz Labs are a group of quiz enthusiasts using a range of skill sets to provide high quality questions, at a perfect level for all abilities. The team is composed of people who have made a profession of running quiz companies, building unicorn-scale web companies and data analysis professionals who have a shared love of quizzes, we were bound to meet sooner or later at the local pub quiz! 

When we did meet there was much discussion around the topic of ‘What makes a good pub quiz?’, it is this question that has driven the team to build, grow and develop the Quiz Labs service. Over many meetings, and some lubrication in the form of pints, the team set out the plans for what we would like to deliver. We wanted quiz hosts, quiz companies and individuals looking to run a one-off quiz to have access to a helpful and well thought out resource: Quiz Labs was created and has been growing ever since. 

The future iterations of the Quiz Labs services have been a topic for heated debate within the team. We are working to develop services that are truly dynamic, delivering unique and completely tailored sets of questions fitting to any situation. We are motivated by the want-to-provide the best service possible and are always looking for more insight into more applications and functionality we can be working on.

The main aim is to make sure everyone is involved in the process, the more input we have from you… the better!